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Attention Pastors and Other Leaders!!!

We would like to leave you an info packet that I believe you will find very interesting. After reading through this packet, we hope you will team up with us and join our marketing campaign.

Here’s The Deal:

We are putting together a Team of 39 Pastors & Leaders. So just what is a Team of 39? The answer – this is a team of people with a passion to help others. In putting together a Team of 39, our GOAL is to help each member of the team earn $500 per month.

To make sure that each member of the team earns money, we need a business that allows us to use Leverage, Compounding, Duplication AND Momentum AND we found the perfect business vehicle in Iguana Biz. It has all the above elements, PLUS 100% Matching Override Commissions.

I would like to give you an email address and a cell phone number so that you can get back to me at your convenience.

Email Address: [email protected]

Cell Phone No.: 704-314-6773

Thank you for your time. I look forward to you teaming up with us.

This is a winner,

Pastor Castell Rolle

Please Watch The Video First:

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To All Pastors & Other Leaders:

Would you like to show your members how to save 50% or more on groceries?

Would you like to show your members a terrific benefit package, where they can save on prescription medicine, meals at restaurants, travel, sporting events and just about everything and anything?

In these economic times, we know people are hurting. We know many are having trouble making ends meet.

We would like to share with you a way for the church, the staff, and the members to save money on everyday purchases PLUS give the church, the staff, and the members the opportunity to earn a very lucrative income stream just doing what they already do.

For More Information Contact:

Pastor Castell Rolle


[email protected]

Let OUR Blessing Become YOUR Blessings