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Hello Everyone...

Waszupp... What an Amazing Concept with Exceptional Leadership!

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We're trying to assist as many people as possible to get their three personals to be qualified for donations on October 1st.

Hi. This is NOT a Business Opportunity, it is a Cause Based Crowd Funding Platform what will greatly benefit you and many others!

I'm supporting an Organization using "Crowd Funding" to raise a Billion Dollars for needy causes here and abroad.

Will you join with me and donate $35 ONE TIME to this Exciting and Worthy Cause?

By the way, all who donate can also receive donations.

Donations that will not only help Fund the CAUSES of many Others, it will will also assist in Funding your own PERSONAL CAUSE in an amount directly linked to Your DESIRE, Your PASSION and Your FOCUS to ACHIEVE that GOAL...

Will you join me? Don’t answer until you have reviewed the following info!

Check this out! Seven minutes that can change your life.

Waszupp Mentor Network (

In conclusion; we have Exciting and Worthy Global Causes, Amazing Team Leadership and the Tools to Enhance not only Your Life but the Lives of many Others, but YOU have to STEP UP, REACH OUT and do your part.

1. Set up a Blockchain wallet. (if you haven't already)
2. If needed, you can purchase enough bitcoin from to lock in your position in the matrix.
3. Finish setting up your account by completing your donation on or after September 20th.
4. Personally enroll three people who would love to donate and receive donations!

That’s it. No over priced products, multi faceted compensation plans or monthly auto ships.

Just a ONE TIME $35 donation and FINDING three others who'll do the same.

How quickly can you get this done?

Again, all it takes is DESIRE, PASSION, FOCUS and the willingness to SHARE.. SHARE and SHARE again.

Our Team Leaders and myself are committed to helping YOU!

Will you commit to help YOURSELF?

Will you commit to help YOURSELF?

Let’s achieve something great together,

Make it a Successful Day...
Pastor Castell Rolle

[email protected]