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                 GETTING STARTED
CONGRATULATIONS On Your Decision To Consider Us In Noble 8 Revolution. We Would Be Honored To Have You On Our Team And We Would Be Here For You In Any Way We Can. Our Philanthropic Mission Is To Raise Over 1$ Billion For The 8 Pillars Of Noble Giving While Empowering You On A Success Trip Through Our Unique Noble 8 Platform Featuring Our Very Special Life Mastery
 Academy Course And Our Never Been Done Before Compensation Plan.  (COMPENATION PLAN)                                                                        
Personal Growth, Financial Freedom AND Time Freedom are within your grasp!
“GIVE – GROW – GET!” (Life Mastery Academy)  CLICK HERE
Everyone starts out as a Customer by purchasing the $25 Life Mastery Academy course. As a Customer, you
can refer other Customers to the program and once you have 3 Customers who have purchased their course
from YOUR Noble8 link, you now advance to the position of Independent Business Leader (IBL). Also, you
collect your first commission and you have taken the first step toward doing some good for those in need while
you start your personal quest for financial and/or time freedom.
While Noble8Revolution has set up the systems to ensure your success, it is up to each of us to not only plug
into the systems for our own success, but to help each person we sponsor get off to a quick start toward
THEIR success!
Here is a guideline for you to follow to ensure a running start.
1. Everything you need for your success is located on our information site, 
2. If you have not already done so, go to the site and scroll down to fill out the permission form to
receive email and texts. Your Sponsorer Pastor Catell Rolle
a. Also, by clicking the following links of the Menu Bar:
Training – Tools – Calls and Events – Downloads…you’ll have access to an array of
information and tools to help you build your business.
“People CAN NOT be duplicated, but SYSTEMS CAN.”
3. Purchase the “Noble8Now” system. (From Tools Section on
Cost: $10.00 one-time setup fee and $9.95 a month for an awesome recruiting machine. (optional)
a. This will put your recruiting efforts on steroids.
b. Let the system do the work. Be the MESSENGER, NOT the       MESSAGE.
c.  Noble 8 Business Overview Here. Request Your F*R*E*E  Complimentary Recruiting Gift For Visiting Our Site By Clicking On The Contact Us  Banner Below!!!                  

4. Plug into the Company and Team Facebook pages. You must be on Facebook to access these sites
and you must be approved to join. Register here now.

a.                                                                  b.
5. Attend the Overview and Update calls. Bring guests to the Overviews.
a. You will get email notifications from
6. Develop your prospect list. Don’t judge! It doesn’t matter where someone is in life. For some, the
trigger will be philanthropy. For others, it will be helping people. For some it will be more money and for
others, it will be Time Freedom!
7. Load your prospects into the Noble8Now system and let the system go to work FOR YOU!
a. Focus on enrolling your first 3 IBLs within your first 48 hours.
8. Use the Noble8Now system and your Sponsor/Mentor to assist you with 3-Way Calling. Help and
direct your new team members in getting off to a quick start too.
9. Now, continue to enroll Customers. Three (3) qualifies you for commissions in the 1st matrix. Two (2)
more for the 2nd, two (2) more for the 3rd and one (1) more for the 4th. That’s 8 personally enrolled
Customers to qualify, but don’t stop there.
10. You are NOT SELLING or CONVINCING…You are calling a family member, friend or business
associate and saying, “Hey, Joe. I’d like to send you a link to a short video which really caught my
attention and I think it will do the same for you. All told, it’s less than 13 minutes long. When do you
think you’ll have time to watch and when should I call you back if you haven’t called me first?” That’s it.
Do NOT answer questions. Just refer back to the video saying, “Joe, the video will do a much better job
in a lot shorter time than I will. Just watch the video.”
11. Go Here To See And/Or Download The Comp Plan PDF And Compensation Training Video…
12. Make Sure Your Customers And IBLs Are Duplicating This Process With Their Customers And IBLs.
In Closing, Remember, No Special Skills Or Talents Needed. Persistence Pays & Failure Is Not An Option With Us!!!

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