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                      GETTING STARTED IN NOBLE 8 REVOLUTION...                                                                                                                                                                           CONGRATULATION ON YOUR DESIRE TO BECOME PART OF THE NOBLE 8                                                                                                                                   REVOLUTION TEAM & FAMILY. 

Our Philanthropic Mission is to generate over $1 BILLION for the 8 Pillars of Noble Giving while empowering YOU on a success trip through Noble8’s unique LIFE MASTERY ACADEMY. Personal Growth, Financial Freedom AND Time Freedom are

within your grasp!

You have taken the first step toward doing some good for those in need while you start your personal quest for financial and/or time freedom.

While Noble8Revolution has set up the systems to ensure your success, it is up to each of us to not only plug into the systems for our own success, but to help each person we sponsor get off to a quick start toward THEIR success! 

Everyone starts out as a Customer by purchasing the initial $25 Life Mastery

Academy course.

As a Customer, you can refer other Customers to our program. Once you have 3
Customers, who have purchased their course from YOUR Noble8 link, You become an Independent Business Leader (IBL). IBLs are eligible for commissions in our first Campus.

Here is a guideline for you to follow to ensure a running start.

Initial Preparation

 Review the corporate site. Scroll to the bottom right
corner and click on IBL Support to be taken to our information and resource site. If you
have not already done so, go to the site and scroll down to fill out the permission form
to receive email and texts. 

 Next, become familiar with the content in the Menu Bar:
Training – Tools – Calls & Webinars – Downloads
You’ll have access to calls, training and tools to help you build your business. 

 We highly recommend the purchase of the “Noble8Now” marketing too. Here’s
the link:

Cost: $10.00 one-time setup fee and $9.95 a month for an awesome recruiting
machine. (or choose one of the other packages)

This will put your recruiting efforts on steroids.