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Miracle Income, Business Owners
Miracle Income, Business Owners


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 Everyone...... DO NOT say NO without A Thorough Examination..Hello Below Is Information From  Mike Feinberg My Up-Line Sponsor Updating All Team Members . Mike, Like Myself Is A Seasoned Veteran And Was Sponsored By Kevin Weldon (Top Earner And Leader). The Longer I'm Involved The More I Realize The Commitment Trunited Management Is Making To Continue To Strengthen The Platform For EVERYONE. It is Their Top Priority. Leveraging Compound Duplication Is A Must For SUCCESS. Trunited With Out Question Is The Easiest Duplicable Program I Have Ever Seen. Virtually Everyone Understands E-Commerce, Understands Cashback, Is Interested In Enhancing Their Lifestyle, Have A Right To Know About Trunited And To Be Able To Make The Chose If They Would Like To Participate. It Is Not My Responsibility To Choose For You, My Responsibility Is To SHARE TRUNITED With Everyone To Become Part Of My Team And More Important Part Of The Trunited Community. By Grasping This Concept, Trunited can be built as BIG as YOU Vision, if you are Willingness to engage. I continue to send you info on this amazing life changing concept as I'd be honored to have you join. Mike, Kevin and I are here to assist you anyway we can, you just have to decide if this is a fit. The attached PDF and the video are good sources to understand the true opportunity available with Trunited. If you have any room on your plate DO NOT miss this. Taking time to listen to the videos Mike posted below will go along in helping with your decision. If you see what we saw, call, text or email and I'll send you a link to become a member.

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Hello Great People and Welcome To Our Team!

We Have an Answer for ALL Who Have a DREAM…

A Dream of Financial Independence and Time Freedom

First, the Facts:

Trunited modified their payment plan and started the “Challenge” on August 1, 2019

They had a Dramatic Point increase in August.

There was ANOTHER significant Point Increase in September.

One of the managing partners, Ron Yeager, just informed the Leadership Team,

The TRUNITED October Point INCREASE over September is 40%!

Many people are waking up to one of the greatest opportunities

on the planet!  I mean, “How hard is it to get someone to watch

a video or two and then get them connected with your sponsor or upline

to answer any questions?”  I have never seen a “richer” payment

plan.  Yes, it starts small, but people go to college for 4-7 years or more

before they make ANY money, AFTER they find a J.O.B.

(My definintion … Just Over Broke)

Even many entrepreneurs, find themselves in the position

of their business owning them instead of the other way around!

We have a BETTER MODEL … With NO Financial RISK!

Do YOU have a GOAL for November?

How many people will you connect?

Will you make it to Pacesetter (6 Frontline w/30 points)?

Will you help your Team Mates get to Pacesetter?

I found several SHORT videos to give you a better understanding

and build your BELIEF in this amazing opportunity.

Take LESS THAN 18 minutes this weekend to familiarize yourself with

a totally disruptive concept in the relationship marketing industry.

A Simple Explanation


Dr. Nico Talks About Our Business

Dr. Nico’s Vision and HEART

Top Earner Testimonials.

Now, Let’s Go Out and Make It

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